Waves of Shade Light

This Is Earth

.. want a peak into people’s real countries, without the news media propaganda?… A compilation of This Is America parodies that were done in deep earnestness… Please let me know if I missed any that are serious! (A few topless dudes that don’t show us their country doesn’t count for this list)… Also, it would […]

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Realism & Reflexivity

…in 20th Century Cinema The structural techniques used in films can fall along the spectrum between realism and reflexivity. Essays on film theory and structure enlighten us as to how narrative structure, cinematographic and audio choices, character development and such structural choices contribute to a realistic or  reflexive, hegemonic or resistant, structure and style. These […]

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Rightful Resistance (Review)

The last sentence in Rightful Resistance in Rural China, by O’Brien and Li, asks the question of whether rightful resistance can still make progress or if riots and revolution are the only viable answer. Of interest to me is whether the lessons learned from Hunan, Anhui, Hebei and other parts of rural China can be […]

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Crystals for Dogs

Just like humans, dog people need crystals too! This post covers a few general crystal uses for our canine companions (most apply to any pet, but each species is a little different energetically + genetically). If your pup has a particular ailment, I suggest looking further into how those crystals are used on humans with […]

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Neo-Poultice Boo-Boo Magick!

• 1-3 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil {TTO}, enough to cover the area
• ¼ tsp – 1 Tbsp Calendula Petals, enough to fully cover the injured area
• 1 Bandage*

* A bandaid, or a piece of tape (Medical or Duct) is fine bc the Calendula acts as gauze.

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