I want my dog back. If I could have one thing in the entire world it would be to see him alive again. I want his face on my face, his kisses, to hear his whimpering, to see his tail wagging, to touch his soft ears, to look at his happy face, to see him enjoy his dinner, to hug him and kiss him. I want to call his name. To sing his morning song to him and his bedtime song and his dinner song and all the songs I have for him that come to mind throughout the day. I want to see my dog again. I miss him.

I want to lose weight. I never had to before. I want my body back. I want to enjoy healthier food. 

I want better quality jewelry. I want more comfy, cosy blankets. I want more and better quality clothes. 

I want more inspiration in my writing. I want more inspiration in my photography. 

I want to never have to go into the city again. I want to enjoy the city like I used to.

I want my family to care more about each others’ health and encourage healthier habits in each other. I want my grandmother to stop asking my mother to eat less fattening things, she barely eats already and it doesn’t make her lose weight. 

I want to have more free time to paint. 

I want to laugh more. I don’t laugh like I used to. I don’t enjoy things like I used to.

I want to live on a farm, I want to keep bees. 

I want to meet someone I can love for the long haul. 

I want more real friends, deeper friendships. 

I want to spend more time with my cousins. 

I want to enjoy nature like I used to, to revel in the lush greenery. 

I want it to be less of a chore/challenge/difficulty to get myself out of the house. I do it, but I want to feel more motivated and less reluctant about it.

I want to do yoga for longer every day, I want those sessions to be longer and fuller.

I want to live somewhere besides New York, somewhere closer to nature or a more artsy town, less superficial. 

I want to enjoy traveling again. I want the money to travel. 

I want a lot of things. 

I want to get what I want. I don’t want to stop wanting, I want to want less because I got what I wanted. 

I want to be successful with my writing. I want to publish, be acclaimed, sell a lot of books and have to reprint. I want my novel to be turned into a movie. 

I want to be able to make a living with my art.

I want to feel satisfied and satiated. 

I want.