Arenya, Part I

Arenya entered our lives the same way she entered the house, swiftly and self-possessed. She wore a light yellow sundress and brown leather riding boots. We took her on at first for a trial week. She applied to be an animal curator and caretaker for our organic farm. We tested her, how observant she was. We tested how properly affectionate she could be with the animals, and how well she got to know us quickly….

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A Day At The Market

When the wind whistles through the trees, it soothes me. My favorite color is the green light of the sun shining through leaves. When I was a child, I could spend hours climbing them, playing amongst the plants. As an adult, a butterfly can still distract me for minutes unending. They flitter and flutter and convince me there is beauty in the world. A plant on my antique white desk moves with the sunlight. It moves so swiftly, for a plant, that I see it in a new position every time I look at it. Its green and purple leaves leave nothing to be desired.

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A flood. The first instant was chaos.The news, received with no less than a few hours to react, was their last step in a contingency plan, allowing ours to even begin….

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