Liquid Fire

The wilderness gave me my name,
How could you think I would be tame?
Sent me out, disgraced or worse:
Considered ugly by those with purse.

From Babylon, Straits and Open Seas,
We carried the torch far from these.
We refused to play that alpha game,
And in the end, there’s none to blame.

I am the dragon, the rainbow snake,
You will see me once you awake,
In my sight, the hateful quake,
Not for judgment, that lie long told,
Not for feeling they could be so bold,
But for fear of self, fear’s own mold.

Whether priests of many or of a one,
Beaten, concealed, or defamed unwon,
The beauty of free womyn’s gift,
Cannot be bent, broken or bereft.
I am eternal, beyond my pain,
I will not fight with you again.

Sacred Gaia, all genders too,
I am the Liquid Fire within you.
This is my true nature, see,
In our union I find me.

Let us flow, together as one,
Embracing the whole is much more fun!
We have been strewn, fanned out for cause,
Though once hidden, we never paused.

So tell me Grandma, after this song,
How you could decree where my womb belongs?