Inverted Pyramid Example #2 (False News)

The following news story is meant to be an example of my writing style. It does not reflect real events. It is false news.

Two of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives were captured on Friday, and are now being questioned as witnesses to an unsolved murder.

Howard and Sarah Williams escaped from jail over 10 years ago, after they were convicted of armed robbery of a bank in Salem, Massachusetts. They were turned in on Friday by a local truck driver who saw them on America’s Most Wanted. Now they’re being questioned as material witnesses to the murder of Gladys Roslyn two years ago.

“As far as I know, the FBI has no evidence directly linking the Williams’s with this woman’s death,” said Clark Summerford, the Williams’s lawyer. 

Roslyn was murdered over two years ago. Hikers stumbled upon her skeletal remains in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park shortly after. They found her remains 430 miles from her home in Memphis, Tennessee.

The bureau has not shared what connection there is between the Williams’s and Roslyn. They are being questioned on Monday.

The Assistant Special Agent in charge of the local FBI office, Larry Tims, said the Williams’s are “being regarded as material witnesses.”

A spokesman for the FBI said at this point neither Williams is a suspect in the case.

Summerford confirmed that the bureau is questioning the couple about the Roslyn murder but has not charged them with additional crimes.

According to an interview with Variety, America’s Most Wanted stories have led to the capture of 1,187 fugitives. The show ran for 24 years before being canceled. It was renewed by Fox in 2021.