A Long Festering Hate

Forgive me if I offend. I do wish to be a friend. This is merely an attempt to get the poison out for love is truly, what I’m about… Let me tell you a story, of a city unfair, who thought itself greatest to no others compare until one day two birds came crashing there […]

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Crystals for Dogs

Just like humans, dog people need crystals too! This post covers a few general crystal uses for our canine companions (most apply to any pet, but each species is a little different energetically + genetically). If your pup has a particular ailment, I suggest looking further into how those crystals are used on humans with […]

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Neo-Poultice Boo-Boo Magick!

• 1-3 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil {TTO}, enough to cover the area
• ¼ tsp – 1 Tbsp Calendula Petals, enough to fully cover the injured area
• 1 Bandage*

* A bandaid, or a piece of tape (Medical or Duct) is fine bc the Calendula acts as gauze.

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