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I’m the writer you need if you’re looking to inspire and inform, surprise readers with your depth, and never ever publish a bullshit story. I create deeply insightful, well-researched pieces. My audiences expect nuance and clarity. 

I focus on socioeconomic justice and science fantasy films…

Science Fantasy Film + TV

Revealing, philosophical articles about pop culture? You betcha. Thinking way too far into stuff is my thing. I also make my readers laugh. (Well, I do my level best.) I’m pathologically encouraging: harboring a healthy adoration of fantasy and fandom. Yet, I rarely miss an instance of discontinuity of any kind. I’m definitely over-exposed to movies and media, so I know what’s up, or I know where to find out.

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Socio-economic Justice + Socio-ecology

I make difficult topics more digestible. My pieces reveal the realities of systemic issues while remaining optimistic. I focus on solutions wherever and whenever possible. I provide grounded, open-minded articles which take a practical approach to my radically nonpartisan heart. Embedding powerful passion, my work aims to help humanity realize our co-autonomy and socio-ecological responsibility.

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