Policies + Guarantees

Editing Policy:

Web Design: You’ll have complete and unrestricted access to edit your website’s files, of course. All of my code is licensed under GNU v3 or later, (you pay me to write it in the first place and to use it commercially). This boundary does not limit you in anyway, it is merely there to ensure the knowledge that I contributed to those files remains shareable for non-commercial uses (such as learning). Besides, you just can’t keep most design-related files hidden from site visitors anyway. It’s more a social statement than anything else.

Print Design • Mostly Editable for Content: I also provide most final versions of for-print design work in an editable format. They’re licensed to you alone for commercial/organizational use, and under CC-BY-NC-SA for the general public. (Someone can use my art for a derivative personal or service project, but only you can use it in its organizational form for its commercial purpose).

You can reuse the event flyer for multiple events and change that info at your leisure. You’ve gotta be able to do that! I’ll include any fonts you need to keep it looking good. You’ll be able to change numbers, as we can always expect those to stay within a certain number of characters and they’re generally placed in normal text boxes. Most other kinds of content can be edited by you without effecting a change to the printability of the design. So, most final version files you receive will be editable for content.

Print Design • Unavoidable Limitations: For-print graphic designers have sound and often unavoidable reasons not to make every file editable by another person. In these cases it’s required for functionality. Making a file ready for the printer often means formatting it so it can’t be edited anymore. This is especially true for logos with custom fonts. The process of locking down the design (making text non-editable), means everything prints as intended.

It’s not about locking down repeat business. It’s not about preventing authentic derivatives. I want it to look as good as the day it entered your folders, or the day I first sent it to the printer myself. I don’t want you to change printers and suddenly find spaces and margins in chaos! That just creates unnecessary work to do to fix it.

Content Editing Policy: That’s why, if you need your content changed for future printings or website updates, I’m happy to help. You won’t have to try to recreate those few non-editable files. (Say you change from a sole proprietor to an LLC, or got that 501(c)3 status approved, and want your logo to reflect that).

If you just don’t have the time or software experience to edit the files you can, then you’ll find this policy useful too!

As long as your request is a content edit of the original design, I’ll make the changes myself for no charge. I offer this support within balanced, mutually beneficial limits:

With me, when the project is complete, for the lifetime of your business / organization you get up to 2 hours of content editing per organization per year. (Yearly Editing Hours rollover up to 7hrs.) I’ll refine the design to fit any change to your content (i.e. the main address on your business cards). Usually, content editing and refining one item takes 5 – 45 minutes, depending on the changes you request. You’ll receive an updated version of the file ASAP, guaranteed within 72 hours during normal business weeks. 

° Please ensure you’ve finalized your content before sending the request.

Format Availability Guarantee:

What: I make every attempt to include a wide variety of file formats, image sizes, DPI specs and bleed specification compatibility when formatting the final version of your files. Sizes and formats perfect for every foreseeable occasion. This includes SVGs for websites.

Where: I use my cloud storage or yours (your choice) for a shared folder in Dropbox / Google Drive / etc. (your choice), which will contain sub-folders of all final versions. 

I’ll also send you a fully loaded USB stick when the project is done. At that point, it’s your responsibility to hold onto them. If you later experience hardware failure, the cloud folder has you backed up.

But, when: Say, you want to use a different card printer with uncommon bleed specifications, or a new image format comes out. Then, I’ve got you covered. I don’t want you to bother with lossy conversions, cropping or copying and pasting PDF elements.

If for any reason you need another file format, spec or size, one that I didn’t provide in the final version folders when the project was completed, just let me know what you need and/or what you need it for. I’ll send over an original version in the format/size you requested within 24 hours on business days. (Usually within the hour if I’m at my desk). And these two-minute re-formats do not count towards your Yearly Editing Hours. 

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