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Looking for an independent
Graphic and/or Web Designer?

Those who work on your aesthetic are making magic. Giving artistic form to the message and impression you want to send your clients, members, donors &/or customers. This is an integral part of crafting your operation. I believe it should be approached with integrity, playfulness and a refined sense of visual meaning.

I do graphic design for various digital and printed formats, web design and front-end development, which includes UI and UX insights along the way. I offer these services individually, or combined for re/branding. Jump down to learn more about my process.

I seek clients who have an authentic vision, care for the Earth, and whose organizational goals focus on our collective well-being as a planet. °°

The Process

The process starts with a casual conversation. We hone in on what makes your org/business unique; its function, audience and the initial reason you created it.  Understanding that essence will help me get to the heart of what you want your logo, website and other visual representations to say. My job is put that into the visual language, and fine-tune the small details.

You’ll have opportunities at various stages to choose between options and navigate the process, so it remains true to your purpose. I’ll explain my main choices, and their implications in the visual language of the collective consciousness. We can stay in frequent (though not absolutely constant) contact.

We’ll have a shared folder, in whichever cloud you like, where I’ll upload each design after it receives your final approval.

When the entire project is complete, you’ll receive a loaded USB stick with your final versions package (via snail mail).

Management Options

Support and consulting are by default included with re/branding, web design and all multi-file projects, to the degree you wish. (Let’s just say, I like to stay organized, keep sight of the bigger picture, and I’m good at helping others do it too!)

I can also help you put together the perfect freelancer team: connect you with potential team members, then initiate and keep track of our collaborative communications.

Ready for a new aesthetic?

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° Also check out my Policies and Guarantees. 
°° I charge on a sliding scale; based on the work being done, your currently available resources and type of organization. On a case by case basis, this may be configured by the hour or per job, paid monthly or before you receive final files. I may also be willing to barter. A conversation is required to determine what pricing and timing is best for us and the project.

Why choose independent freelancers rather than large firms or freelancer platforms?

If you’re an individual or small organization, one freelancer, or just a few, can provide you with the highest quality graphic design, web design and development. °

I’m happy to work with other freelancers whenever the job calls for it. These days, freelancing is becoming the norm. So putting together a tailored team for the job at hand is easy.

I wish to relay to you that you do not need to employ 10-50 people at one company to achieve the desired results. One to three people will usually suffice. You don’t have to overpay large firms in order to have unique, effective and cohesive aesthetics.

In my experience, freelancers are usually flexible, collaborative and mutually respectful – working with rather than under one another.

Nor do you have to seek underpaid work on platforms like Fiverr; where each design might be done by different people with no communication.

If you found my site, you’re looking for a third option.

Because this process entails imbuing the technology and paper you use with artistic form, form that represents you, (which I feel also describes web development). I believe this process is both wholly interdependent and worthy of fair trade.

There is a middle path. One which can also offer a more personal, interactive and inspiring experience for all involved.