Succulent City, Carnivorous Corner & My little Garden World

I’m most myself, at peace, excited, happy and true, when I have something to do with nature – whether that’s hiking, gardening, researching herbalism, or just being in the big wide open away from city lights, staring at the sky.

(Although the sky here can be really beautiful too!:)


I recently moved back to the city for a while to be with my grandmother (and mom). It started to get stressful and crazy tense, because of how I was spending my time and energy. One of the things I’m doing now to be more myself and more at peace is indoor gardening.


(Above: an experiment to see how many stalks the Parlor Palm actually needs to regrow and thrive, with 2 legit clumps, one planter with a legit clump spread out in a line, and two straggler stalks in a fourth pot.)

The little-est guy looking acceptable 3 weeks later (he could use more light I think):


(The rest are thriving, check them out in the  photos below…)

It helps relieve the daily stresses of my current lifestyle, tremendously, and gives me a place to just be me, centered and blissful for a couple hours every day, regardless of the noise outside and my activities in between. It’s also really important to me that I not be ‘waiting’ or ‘biding my time’ here. I don’t want to carry an attitude of wanting this phase of my life to pass, because I do want to be with my grandmother at this time, and I don’t want a part of me rushing it to be over, in conflict with that…if you know what I mean…


(Trucker does.)

I used to think the lights and extra needs were just too inefficient, ecologically speaking. But at super low 9W and 12W lights, with ample rain in the area and space to catch it, and a newfound sense of personal freedom (in this phase of dispelling my own limitations), my gardens have exploded!!!



It’s spilled over into the rest of the house too!



I’ve been expanding my indoor garden and falling in love with rain-loving low-to-no-maintenance nute tropical plants, carnivorous plants and tender succulents.



I had one Nepenthes ventricosa since last year, and a pet cricket who was supposed to be her dinner, but he ended up eating at her. Because the soul will always express itself:



(Plants I had before my awakening^)

It’s just that now that expression is truly expanding and expressing itself so much that I’m in tune with it, and not just keeping a little of those soul-aligned things around out of spiritual instinct, mitigating my life’s vibrations. Now, it is my life!

By the way, when it got warm enough I separated cricket and Neppie. She’s looking so much better than when they were together (though not entirely back to her old cupping self yet) and he’s learning to like his new plant friend – a tray of moss he can’t kill!



Succulents are my saving grace here, because they can manage to thrive in my hot and dry room in this old house (I live next to the boiler room). I went to some garden centers around here, but options were so limited. While I do really like researching mystery species, there’s just not as many options when you don’t buy from a specialist, perhaps especially in this climate in zone 6. So I broke my stupid rule and ordered online…



And this ET’s Fingers Jade inspired me to try a yin yang pattern with top dressing 🙂  …


Most of these guys will be propagated in future, when they’re really ready. I’m absolutely addicted to it. I’ll throw any part of the plant down, just to experiment. That very long Hummeli offshoot is next!



And that’s just inside! Outside I built a whole new world just by moving around a few hundred lbs of soil, and jerry-rigging fences with old poles and some twine:



(Last year I had the planters with some tomato, lettuce green onions, radishes, and a couple flowers. This year, it’s 80% an herb/flower garden, totally decked out!)