Crystals for Dogs

Just like humans, dog people need crystals too! This post covers a few general crystal uses for our canine companions (most apply to any pet, but each species is a little different energetically + genetically). If your pup has a particular ailment, I suggest looking further into how those crystals are used on humans with the same ail. You can also message me or comment here for tips!

In general, these crystals are meant for adult dogs, and good for any age. I’ve also listed a few crystals focused on those bookend ages below.

UNDER The Water Bowl

When choosing crystals to put *in* anyone’s drinking water, you should always do a quick search for its interaction with water and any toxic elements it can let off. Use distilled water, and remember mohs isn’t always an indicator of water-safe crystals. That’s why I recommend you put these crystals under the bowl.

  • Rhodochrosite • Essential for canines, since most dogs are programmed to want SO much human love, adding self-loving energy to their waterbowl area will do wonders to their health and happiness.
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye • In comparison to humans, dogs don’t get a lot of attention for their keen awareness. We praise the smallest intellectual triumphs (which is great, they love the attention!), and people call their intuition “instinctual” in mainstreammcircles. Like us, dogs benefit from third eye clarity. If your companion barks a lot, or gets worried a lot and internalizes it, instead of or in addition to treating them with soothing communicator crystals (like Amazonite or Blue Lace Agate), you could try crystals for clarity. Because, really, most dogs (+ loud dogs) communicate clearly and in alignment with their essence, but they might overreact when viewed from our perspective. Blue mental clarity crystals encourage their discernment of when something is really a threat or a moment they would want to worry to protect you, and when it’s no big deal to them. They’ll get their cognizance of the truth sooner – making clearer choices for themselves. They’ll also better communicate with you psychically. For best results, get one for yourself and charge them together before putting it on/in/under the water bowl. This will also enable you to receive their messages of remembering the meta and guidance.
  • Shungite • For obvious reasons – water cleansing, EMF clearing, crystallizing, connecting to Gaia’s most ancient essence, and as a bonus, if you live in a city or suburb, will offer them a more constant connection to their natural roots. This one can go right in the bowl!

In the Food Cabinet/Fridge Compartment

  • Green Aventurine + Prehnite • This crystal combo will encourage healthy hunger, luck with the food you get (no recalls or bad batches), and help you be more tuned into what is best for the pups. (You’ll get psychic messages about when it’s time to switch food, or add something to their diet, or start eating later/earlier, etc.) Link your Prehnite to theirs, but you don’t need to link the Aventurine.
  • Apophyllite • This will raise their vibration in general, so that you support each other during ascenscion and mutual spiritual growth. It will improve their mood, increase contentment and connect them with their own guides, angels and higher selves. Especially useful for dogs with a strong sense of bloodlust, or who accidentally kill small animals they don’t even want to eat out of quick reactions. It’s also amazing in that it raises the vibration of that mass-produced kibble (even the best organic stuff would benefit). This one also contributes to your experience of them as guides + rememberers, no linking required.
  • Black Tourmaline • Cleanse that dogfood! Just like us and our food, even the best raw stuff gets transported in gasoline vehicles through energy dense areas. Everything and everyone is cleansed and refreshed by this stone!

Under the Pillows/Dog-bed

  • FOR PUPPIES Emerald • Soothes, and promotes active growth, heals and instills harmony, actualizes the self with compassion. Its physical healing benefits are many, in several ways that promote long-term health.
    • This is also the perfect age to offer the pups Amazonite + Blue Lace Agate or Rose Quartz.
  • FOR OLDER DOGS Bloodstone • Get that good ol’ blood flowing, rejuvenate and provide inner peace – a potent combination.
    • For those with creaky bones and other issues, you can throw in some Flint + Mahogany Obsidian!
  • Greek Kyanite • One of the perfect healing crystals for anyone tapping into Gaia and the Elemental realms! It does everything you want a crystal to do – cleansing, clearing, healing, balancing and aligning all chakras and remembering the original benevolent blueprint on Earth. Commonly missed is its ability to align your genetic blueprint – an aspect which enables its other functions. Also, it’s ideal in its raw form, which is most common, which symbolizes the semi-wolf semi-domesticate energy of the dog ancestry. An amazing crystal to keep you or your dog feeding the body while dreaming, while connecting the crystal holders to the Shining Ones. Perfect for any age or species!

During Dog Massages

  • Angelite • For angelic healing + bliss.
  • Mahogany Obsidian • For clearing, grounding and soothing muscles and bones. It’s also relatively easier to find these in large massage sizes for big dogs!
  • Selenite • Of course. Perfect for opening and closing the dog massage.
  • Malachite • Relieves pain, adds luck, and small tumbled ones are a great tool for performing the massage itself on little dogs!