Black Nightshades (BNS, or American BNS) ~ The Perfect Companion Plant for Tomatos!

Why, you may ask?…

~ Plant Symbiosis ~

• The perfect Trap Plant. All of the invasive and pestilent bugs eat the BNS, leaving your crops alone! (Just 1 BNS plant will help a lot).

• Attracts beneficial and pollenator bugs to your garden! The pretty white flowers bloom before the Tomatos.

• BNS provide the perfect amount of shade for the Tomato fruits! (2+ BNS plants per 1 Tomato plant)

~ Harvest Benefits ~

• Despite the rumors, it isn’t poisonous, for the most part. Just the *unripe* berries and even then only in LARGE quantities – like many medicinal plants. People think they’re poisonous because they confuse this plant with Belladonna. BNS, especially American BNS and African varieties, are NOT Belladonna. They’re cousins. Just make sure, as always, that you identify correctly!

• The ripe black berries are delicious, nutritious, safe and medicnal! Harvest them when they’re black (ripe), wash and eat! They’re even better as a jam!

• At the end of the season you can turn all those leafy greens into chips!

Hope this helps your garden!






  • Even Belladonna and the poisonous herbs are used as medicine, and they have a LOT more alkaloids, etc.: