A Long Festering Hate

Forgive me if
I offend.
I do wish
to be a friend.
This is merely
an attempt
to get the poison out
for love is truly,
what I’m about…

Let me tell you a story,
of a city unfair,
who thought itself greatest
to no others compare

until one day two birds
came crashing there
and the people realized
only then would they care
about a scab on the earth
with concrete and steel hair

other cities supported
out of compassion
for any who feel that deep loss
deserve the softest

but if we’re being honest
we questioned your worth

for the lurking truth
we’ve known
since car parts were thrown
across barren wastelands
pretending to make homes

because we all knew
it was a town with no forum
because we all knew
this city’s real values

cash means more than lives
at the altar of greed
but this era of wealth
has run its final steed

but we doubt you not for
love of more classy rivals
this time is for sourcing
more down-to-earth wiles

i know your first thought
what about them
this isn’t about
who is worse, my friend

for you are not alone
in these graven mistakes
it would be another
to say your enemies are great
for they too partake
in this broken way to relate

it’s about being better,
than we once were
it’s not about excellence
or who is the best
it’s about realizing we share
our breath
and the rest.

at first taken aback
though we long should’ve known
as those who were meant
to keep us from harm
chose then to allow
the fall to go on

it must have served their ends
that much we know
but what those ends were
only the insane now know

if it didn’t click then
in a slave’s score
we’d know
who care more about lives
or prestige
or dough

so ask yourselves, city
is this your legacy?
cold steel, cold hearts
and competition for things?

if only you’d see
this art, science and glee
and immense population density
could be put to a purpose
prosocial, loving and bring
the brighter future that
the youngest elders of us
intend to sing

if only you’d wake
to the toxic horrors you string
it is not so inherent
it’s not a native thing
just throw off the shackles
of trusting
sociopaths to run everything…

blame a party, if you choose
they’re both coming to an end,
but any hubris in thinking
yours is right to pretend
is asking for a sign
right there for you
that trust in the selfish
leaves only one thing to do

in case my hate
has been distracting you
remember, south and west
have flaws their own too,
no less broken or twisted
to tell you the truth
the only difference
the time left
to change
each type of tune.

ours being the burden to change
the mode of the
western economy
it’s a lot i know
but we can do anything
just don’t give in
to a lazy defeatism
just make the choice
to rise higher
and reformat this system

please remember,
as options are closing in
as mother earth demands
we finally bend

good riddance to those
who think depletion is natural
who think planet hopping will
save them in the end.

for patterns repeat,
no matter the system
changing place
has never
relieved us of wisdom.

because the rest of us know
those between paradigms
those of the borderlands
know the truth in these rhymes.

that it’s how we relate
to each other, my friend
no cash, stock or brick
will circumvent that,

no loyalty, creed
tribe or trend
will remove the need
to be good to each other
no matter their seed,
or the life they lead

I intend you no harm
I merely wish to bring light,

for the new world depends
on changing the rules,
our habits and wars,
on giving up the crusades
on stepping back from the roars
of lion and camel, of east and west
on realizing we’re one, and embracing
great Mother Earth’s breast

for no matter what good
your god has done for you
no matter how privilege
has benefited you
no matter how reformed
you’ve made your tradition
for the sake of women
no matter the progress
you’ve made with race
no matter your level
of any other grace

it is Mother Earth’s rape
of which we must be fully ridden

for the new world depends
on letting go of your pride
seeing through propaganda

as the rest of us see
both sides of this story
we realize it’s an
archaic game of glory

as the pieces all settle
as we near the end
you have a choice
to come with us my friend

you can be better,
in two words – true health

instead of arresting
the pharmacies’ rivals
instead of pretending
that wealth was won fairly
instead of accepting
low pay and abuse

and pretending it’s all
in the presence
of some enlightened city muse

most of us
though groggy
are already awake
it’s only these alphas
who benefit from this hate

and a war god pretending
it’s not him, at the opposite gate

so put down your weapons
of twisting trades, dollars, and words
by now, the sheep
have grown into
a stampeding herd

the question remains
will you grow or decay
become a smart city, with nature to play

or continue to act
like killing yourself
is noble and sexy
while the rest of us
tsk, cry and shout
for our mother’s body
who is begging beneath
her strong song of love

so i say again
with so much going for you
will you lean into the worst of
your interesting nature
will you use your great power
of spirit and mind
to free or to bind
the natural world
we can never leave behind

or allow for complexity
to grow more mature
to step up to a place
to acknowledge yourself
in every human face.

blame the big corps
you wouldn’t be wrong
but where do you think
they sing each other songs?
across the land,
and between internet ether
but it’s these tall buildings
these businesses
that uphold this debasement

as if this were the
only way to abundance,
success or empowerment

these men that you worship
and place above yourself
the ones you forget
thwart your children’s health

or the one who came down
trying to own us

and the ones in
the many towers
who we worshiped
with our hours

no matter the color
of their hair or their tie
no matter their party, the type of their lie
no matter their industry or pie

though we’ve come from all over
this city hands out
on your first day
blinders and binders
though you may first resist
one unbridled horse
gets nothing but the whip

we must remove this dynamic
from all relationship
raise to the highest value
our collective kinship

you don’t have to trample
no matter how hard you’ve been kicked
don’t pay this forward
these selfish licks
see through this illusion
before it’s too late

where do you think
i learned how to hate?